Pavel Golubev

Born in Vladimir, Russia. Trained in Moscow, New York and Ludwigsburg. Pavel studied theatre and film acting in three different countries: Russia, the United States of America and Germany.

In 2013, Pavel graduated from «the Russian Institute of Theatre Arts». After, he moved to New York, where studied at «the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute». In 2018, he participated in the «International Screen Acting Workshop» in Baden-Wurttemberg Film Academy. It was a high intensive two-month course.

In 2015, Pavel created a theatre performance «MonoEsenin», which is based on Sergey Esenin’s poems. That show is a mix of poetry, dance and live music. Pavel plays the alto-saxophone. He and his band wrote all the instrumental music.

Also, Pavel had a «rap» career. He has one album and a couple of music videos. Even though he is no longer a rapper, Pavel still uses the rapper skills in his performances, and as a special skill in his acting career.

Pavel is fluent in English, Russian and German. Now, he is based between Moscow and London.


«The Biggest Moon» (2023) - Hannibal

«Jetlag» (2021) - German Policeman

«The Initiative» (2021) - Nomad

«The Ex» (2021) - The Bull (guy with a shocker)

«Text» (2019) - Episode

«Endorfin» (2019) Short - Supporting Role

«The Zoo Story» (2019) Short - Jerry

«What does it mean» (2018) Short - Eugeniy

«Nevidimki» (2015) - Episode

«Carthago» (2022) - Helmut Schicklgruber

«Jetlag» (2021) - German Policeman

«IP Pirogova» (2021) - Episode

«El & Ella» (2020) - Pavel

«Who protects me» (2020) - Gorilla

«Text. Reality» (2019) - Shop Assistant

«Kop» (2019) - American TV Host

«SenyaFedya» (2019) - BloodSpam S2.Ep1